Python Programming

Duration 4 Months Program
Price $ 27
NAIRA RATE 750 Naira per Dollar

Course Detail

Python is a general-purpose coding language with applications in web development, data science, machine learning, fintech and more. Begin by establishing a foundation in Python's methods to describe data, then dig deeper into functions and functional design, and create strategies for solving problems. You'll investigate the ins-and-outs of objects and object-based design, obtaining order from the interconnected ideas captured within class objects and instance objects. Finally, you'll have an opportunity to fuse Python with external files, culminating in the creation of complete codebases that can crunch numbers or protect the planet from peril.

Class Content

250+ hours live classes
Provision of Updated Material
Real-World Capstone Projects
Project Reviews

Student Service

Student Community
Technical Instructor Support
24/7 live contact service
Support Mail

Career Service

GitHub Review
linkedin Optimisation
Job Recommendations

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